Maine Guard provides integrated security and mission support services to select government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations.


…safeguarding people and other valuable assets is a constant challenge for organizations, families and individuals alike, to be prepared to maintain continuity, you must mitigate risk with comprehensive intelligent security.

LEGAL: Legaldyne

…ensuring the integrity of your privileged communications is the cornerstone of our legal system and the lynchpin of tactical advantage in matters of estate and enterprise. Our encryption envelope technology keeps prying eyes blind.

DIGITAL: Cryptastic

…streamlined cloud managed auditable key-escrow infrastructure for public-key strong encryption delivering private data security with escrow storage, notification and delivery auditing, revocation, recursive redaction and retraction.


…Security as a System Services Development Life Cycle [SAASSDLC] is our consistent peer-reviewed framework for the planning, definition, design, implementation, training, testing and operational deployment of systems supporting security technologies, products, services, programs and missions.


…the first software application developed and designed for neighborhood-watch deployment. External common area camera vistas can be seamlessly shared with neighbors taking community safety and security to new levels.


…our cloud platform for secure encrypted safe-deposit box like storage, social-media notification and private delivery of vital information and messages either in real-time or upon verification of disaster, disability, detention, death or date.

COMMERCE: OpenTrader

…our alternative currency and economic disaster preparedness backup system provides an auditable time-bank based tracking and free market trading platform for goods and services.


…our integrated framework for the creation, collaboration, peer-review, funding, oversight, execution, analysis, reporting and sharing of human terrain protocols requiring ethics, vigilance and regulatory oversight.


…provides First Responders and Emergency Management personnel secure access to your Emergency Contacts, Allergies, Medicines, Conditions, Directives, etc. Get your free card today!

INTELLIGENCE: Confidential

…we’ve developed a fully automated open-source intelligence collection wave capable of creating actionable intelligence on contemporary meme targets such as anti-government, domestic threat, conspiracy theory radicalization, and surfacing extremism within the myopic alternative media and the general echo chamber of anti-authoritarian social media rhetoric.

HOMELAND: Homeland Security Association [HSA]

…coming soon is our Constitutionally correct homeland security association calling for Americans to revitalize their State and Congressional leaders to support our “Nation in Arms” protect the Constitution and keep Our republic safe from all foes, foreign and domestic.

Maine Guard has the capability, capacity and commitment to be your preferred security partner. Our security specialists are experts in their fields with extensive experience providing security strategy, crisis response, protection, and comprehensive training and logistics programs. We have developed and implemented rigorous, field-tested procedures for assessing risks as well as mitigating measures to reduce them.

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